On the gourmet balcony of the Praiano Hotel, Capri Forneria and CreParis Creperie are available. We also have the Thames Restaurant, the Tagus Pool Bar and the Acai Clover.

Thames Restaurante

The Thames Restaurant, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, offers a menu with gastronomy filled with options of meat, fish and seafood.  For breakfast, our guests can savor the regional flavors of our typical dishes and taste our tapioca (a delicious starch made from the cassava plant) and also choose among the several options of fillings that most please you.

Capri Forneria

At the hotel balcony, a vast menu from Capri Forneira pleases all kinds of tastes with its pizzas of unforgettable flavors prepared with fresh and selected ingredients. 


Delicious crepes, sweets and savories always freshly prepared for demanding palates can also be savored at the hotel balcony.

Trevo Açaí

The best Acai in the city you will find here. Unparalleled flavor and a wide variety of ingredients, for you to leave your açaí the way you prefer. Tasty palettes and ice cream options are also available.