Experience our complete structure of rooms and event halls and guarantee the success of your event with us.  Our event area has the capacity of up to 600 people simultaneously. And every event is accompanied by a specialized team totally directed to the corporate segment.

Salão Sicília

Located on the ground floor and with a modern structure.  It is the biggest event hall of our hotel with an area of 164,7m2 and maximum capacity to accommodate up to 250 people simultaneously. 

Salão Sardenha

With an area of 91,7m2 and capacity of receiving up to 120 people simultaneously, the Sardenha hall is located on the second floor of our hotel.  In addition to the main hall, this area also has a pleasant reception room and foyer. 

Salão Córsega

With the capacity of receiving up to 60 people simultaneously, the Córsega hall has an area of 63,1m2.  Located on the 3rd floor of our hotel and with a large foyer to complement your event.

Sala Pacífico

Located on the 1st floor, the Pacífico Hall has the capacity of receiving up to 40 people simultaneously in an area of 49m2.  It is a perfect ambiance to hold small meetings.

Sala Atlântico

In its 48,3m2 area, this hall has the capacity of receiving up to 50 people simultaneously.  Also located on the 1st floor, the Atlãntico Hall is one more of our options to hold your event with total quality. 

Sala Báltico

With the capacity of receiving up to 30 people simultaneously and with an area of 33,4m2, the Báltico Hall is also located on the 1st floor. 

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